I worked on the info-graphics for the film "The Boy Band Con", a YouTube Originals documentary on how producer Lou Pearlman made and then grafted such bands as "NSYNC" and the "Backstreet Boys". The film was released world wide.
I worked with filmmaker Geoff Shelton doing the info-graphics for the BTS video that explained the ideas and mechanics behind the making of OKGO´s zero gravity music video "Upside Down and Inside Out". It was used world wide.
After conceiving of (along with Raul Lucas), animating and doing the SFX for the music video "Bouderbala" for the international group signed with Sony Records "Gabacho Maroc", two members of the band went on France´s TV channel "TV5Monde" to assess the impact and elaborate on the meaning of the video´s main character. Video not available in all countries.
I worked on the graphics for the presentation and intro of the television series "One Night Stand" by Leslie Lyons for Quincy Jones streaming channel "Qwest TV". Below is a Trailer for one of the episodes featuring Seun Kuti, son of Fela Kuti, both renowned Afrobeat musicians, Fela being considered "The King of Afrobeat", according to most sources.
More press on the above videos and other projects I have done or helped out on, gleaned from the internet: 
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