SHOWREEL demonstrating some of the techniques used to clean and color correct video.
Color Grading, also known as Color Correcting, necessarily corrects the image taken raw from the camera to largely create the the emotions you feel seeing a filmed picture on the big screen. Secondary tasks include moving beyond this to even more technical aspects of post production, like artifact removal (dead pixels or hair in the lens removal) or cleaning a particularly grainy shot and matching it with the next.
"MOUSSAOUI" - (Official Music video)
The group GABACHO MAROC presents the single "Moussaoui" from their first album BISSARA, released on the label Oued, 2014. Moussaoui: the gnaoua culture, the traditional ceremony (lila), trance, Sidi Moussa (the spirit of the sea)… Shot mainly in Essaouira (Morocco) and Cádiz (Spain).
Image: Patricio Musalem, Marko Simic. Edit: Patricio Musalem. Camera assistant: Romain Manteau. Artistic Direction: Vincent Thomas, Patricio Musalem and Gabacho Maroc.
Color & Artifact Removal
Feature documentary film "The Singing City" introduces us to the unique life style of the people of Cádiz, a small-big city in the south of Spain during their signature week long festival - “CARNAVAL”.​
Color & Artifact Removal
In November 2012, more than 400 meetings of local and migrant families in 7 European countries took place. Selected family meetings and public inquiries on the attitudes towards migrants and migration was filmed in each country. The documentary film Next Door Family was made of this footage to demonstrate coexistence of locals and migrants in Belgium, Czechia, Hungary, Malta, Italy, Spain and Slovakia.​
Film by Marko Simic
Alicia Tamariz - VIDEO-CLIP OFICIAL- "Sambaluna"
My job was to bring out the color, level it between shots and use some SFX to remove unwanted elements in a handful of takes.
Video directed by Patricio Musalem with camera by Marko Simic


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